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МАРГАРИТА "...е онова, което искаме да чуем"

Благодаря на BTV и "Преди обед" за поканата да бъда техен гост!

Чуйте интервюто ми в "Радиокафе" в ефира на
БНР -  Радио София, гласът на столицата

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Снимка: с Лили Големинова в БНР. 

Научете повече за мини-албума ми, "Експериментът" долу и на страниците на Elle Bulgaria


The Experiment
is here

What started as an experiment of the thought and a personal challenge to the artist to make music when it seemed impossible has become a series of trials, errors and collaborations bringing you the first EP by RADA AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE, THE EXPERIMENT.


Featuring a handful of original songs including the single that already captured listeners’ imaginations, ANONYMOUS IN NEW YORK, the EP is a sonic exploration of love, hope, fantasy and the unrelenting will to create.


Moody, empowering, secretive and vulnerable, it lives in the alt pop style. THE EXPERIMENT has cinematic undertones and is marked by the key collaborations with music producer Ben B. Goss (Bojan Gjoshevksi, North Macedonia) Canadian artist Aarys, award-winning director Evgeniya Radilova and Emmy-nominated cinematographer Michael Tosner.

The audience about




"Страхотна песен" Захари Карабашлиев

"I'm a fan."

Marty Dodson, #1 hit songwriter for artists like Joe Cocker and Kenny Chesney


"It brought back a funny memory. I was once on a blind date (someone had fixed us up). We were having dinner and it was a brutally painful conversation, or lack thereof. I just couldn't get her to say more than a few words about anything. At some point I mentioned something about NY and she said how much she loves living here. I thought "Aha!, something to talk about." So I asked her what she loved about NY and her two-word response: The anonymity."

An anonymous theatrical producer

My EP was made with help from my crowdfunding producers:

Nina Petrushev

Maria Sotirova

Gina Didonato

Елате на лирична вечер!

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